KR Naturopathy & Yoga centre

The Wellness & Healing Retreat

KR naturopathy & Yoga centre is a leading naturopathy hospital which has been established for prevention and cure of chronic disease conditions through detoxification of the body, stress management and modification of lifestyle, with holistic approach. KR naturopathy & yoga centre is a premier Wellness & healing retreat at South Gujarat in India.


KR naturopathy & Yoga centre is a premium wellness & healing retreat situated on the outskirts of Surat. The centre is surrounded by verdant green farms and rustic villages, promoting serenity and relaxation. Our proficiency includes effectively treating a variety of conditions and long-running ailments, which has resulted in exceptional client loyalty.

Our therapies integrate Naturopathy, Yoga, Chinese acupuncture & massage and Ayurveda. We treat with the traditional and latest techniques, and nourishing organic food to create a holistic healing experience that restores harmony.


Therapies @ KR Naturopathy & Yoga Center

Conditions Treated

K R Naturopathy offers drugless, specific to disease treatment regimen through a combination of inter related holistic systems - Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and diet therapy. Our doctors prescribe treatment to their patients after a thorough assessment of their health conditions. The treatment protocol will include planned diet, exercise and life style modification guidelines. This holistic approach is aimed to provide complete healing and teaches how to maintain good health throughout life, Metabolic conditions, Endocrine issues, Preventive naturoapathy, Gastro-condtions, respiratory, cardiaovascular conditions, skin conditions etc.


About Us

K.R. naturopathy & Yoga centre is developed by “Ramera Buildcon Pvt. Ltd” & “EON Developers” under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ramjibhai A Patel & Mr. Piyush R. Patel. Ramera Buildcon Pvt. Ltd is a leading construction firm, providing extensive professional services to various civil engineering construction disciplines since 2013. The firm has undertaken about 16 assignments with public & private sectors of total construction costs approx. Rs.579.00 crore (5790 Million) with an average annual turnover of more than Rs. 60 crore.

EON Developer is leading real estate construction firm since 2010. It has undertaken such projects like Industrial plotting, weekend homes, residential project, cinema (Harmony Cinema –Bhatar Char Rasta, Surat, Gujarat) and commercial projects. “Eden homes” is an ambitious project of this firm spreaded in 23 acre of land. It has farm houses, club house, Fun Park etc. During the development of Eden homes we came across the wonderful science of healing i.e. “Naturopathy and Yoga” and decided to have a Naturopathy & Yoga centre with both residential and outpatient services under able guidance of Renowned Naturopaths.

Hence, considering the above thought about healing power through establishing K.R. Naturopathy and Yoga centre inside Eden Homes said to be one of another zealous project of Mr. Piyushbhai R. Patel and His Father Mr. Ramjibhai A. Patel. They started this project with the objective to provide a wellness destination to the People who want to detox, maintain and nourish with natural way of living.

Naturopathy & Yoga is evidence based, rapidly growing, drugless system of healing that emphasizes on prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the body's natural ability to heal and help the patient, achieve sustainable health and wellness. Life style disorders due to wrong dietary habits, work related stress, hormonal issues, obesity etc are today’s great concern and the ultimate solution is Naturopathy and Yoga.